Aug 10

My second boogie composition


Edited: Sep 24

Aug 13

Haha, that's wild stuff Robert. Thanks for sharing!

Oct 22

Sometimes and for some people music plays a vital role and for this they are composing new things. On the other hand academized is the way through which you get more and more in that particular area.

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  • dhmurdock
    Aug 18

    Hi all, I live in Perth, Western Australia and have returned to the piano after a break of 30 years (kidds and career got in the way !!). I am thoroughly enjoying working through the on-line tutorials and have purchased the " Boogie book". I have a question regarding integrating two of the licks into 12 bar blues format (Lick 1, tracks; 34 and 35). I have learnt these tracks (walking base is still challenging !), but can't figure how to do the chord change for 12 bar blues. Each of the other tracks in the book have the pick up note for the chord change as the last note of the measure, making the change sound "right", but the tacks noted just end, with-out a pick up note. I would really appreciate some help with this, as I like tack 35 in particular and want to be able to use it in full 12 bar blues chord changes and combined with other variations / licks. Regards, Dave M
  • robertcwebb
    Nov 8

    Hi, not sure if this is the right place, but I googled for a boogie forum, and this came up. I just uploaded a boogie piece I wrote, and thought this might be a good place to get some feedback, or just where people might be interested. I actually wrote this about 30 years ago! It remained mostly a piano solo all that time until a few weeks back when I added drums and upright bass. I think it really fleshes it out. I play piano, but not well enough to play this! So I'm afraid this is programmed rather than performed (is that a big no-no here?), but I don't think it sounds too arteficial. Or does it? You tell me! Rather than combining existing licks as one might when improvising, I tried to write it all new, from scratch (even the left hand is playing an original bass line). Any feedback would be welcome, good or bad. Thanks for your time! Rob.
  • jelte.vredenbregt
    2 days ago

    Hi all, I've been practising boogie woogie for a little while using this amazing website! I know some left hand patterns and licks now, but I'd like to know more about right hand improvisation. Could you just use the 8 licks and their variations, or are there some chords and scales that can be used as well? Thanks! Jelte