Dec 8, 2017

Practice Structure


It doesn't really fit under any of the three topics, but I'd like to put more structure into my practice. Otherwise I just end up fooling around playing this and that. Over the course of days or weeks I get bored with that. Then it gets harder to motivate myself to practice. Thoughts?

Dec 20, 2017

Hello Paul thanks for writing in! The easy answer to this is to get a gig. Even if just promising your family that you will perform something at the next gathering. Having a deadline (show date) and the pressure of not messing up in front of an audience will work wonders for your practice routine. You will discover discipline and organizational skills you never knew you had! :-) Some other pressure-causing scenarios are: 1) making a recording and 2) taking private lessons.

If you have no goal other than to play for yourself in your house, then chances are you won't feel compelled to get any better than "good enough" for yourself. It would be like being a boxer and never getting past hitting the bag.

Find ways to involve other people in your journey (audiences, teachers, sharing your own recordings) and I promise you that you will figure out ways to get better.

Dec 21, 2017

Good suggestions Arthur. I know what you mean about gig pressure. When I've been in bands, I really worked the set list. That's most likely what I'm missing right now. Thanks!

Dec 28, 2017

No problem Paul! Even if you find an open mic and make it a personal commitment to play one song there next week it might be enough :-)

Mar 13, 2018

Yeah, the trombone player in the band I play with always says that Gigs are better than rehearsals to tighten up your tunes. I think it might be all the adrenaline that comes with playing in front of others that tends to sear tunes into my brain.......

New Posts
  • alexfroom77
    Sep 13

    Hi, I have been following one of your videos on YouTube for some months and been practicing. I have everything pretty much but my timing is really off and I can't get that 'boogie' timing that you have. I can play at the same speed but when I play it its all a bit of a jumble. Hard to explain without showing you but are there any exercises you recommend to improve time? Many thanks
  • Rick M
    Oct 5

    I've followed your Youtube video for hand independence and despite hours (50 hours) of practicing slowly, my brain just cannot seem to handle both hands working together with the ongoing bass in the left hand. Your Youtube video "Boogie Woogie Hand Independence - Master the Triplets! (no piano required)" helped me alot but I'm still having difficulties. Is there any other tricks I can try? Is it just a matter of continually plugging away at it until you get it? Have you ever heard of someone not being able to get it despite hundreds of hours of practice? Do you think some private lessons would help or do you recommend that I grind away until I get both hands figured out before taking lessons?
  • Dario Colaianni
    Jun 25

    I assume you are working at flowkey lessons/material, can we have an idea when it will be made available, so I'll stop checking any now and them ramdomly? thx!