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No matter if you already play Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country, R&B, POP, or are a complete beginner to music, learning how to play BOOGIE WOOGIE piano will be beneficial for your motor skills, cognitive functioning, ear training, improvisational abilities, and overall musicianship. Plus it's FUN from the very first step! This site offers step-by-step instructions and training for a self-guided approach.


Welcome to the world's first Boogie Woogie Piano School!

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It's true. All the classes on this site are FREE! In return we ask that you become a member (also free) and join our growing online community of boogie woogie piano students. As a member you will also be able to post your questions and suggestions in the FORUM section. There are boogie woogie piano students all over the world! Let's share our knowledge! Click Login/Sign Up at the top of the page to become a member. If at any point you become stuck and need help, take a private lesson from site creator Arthur Migliazza.

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