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New Posts
  • robertcwebb
    Sep 24

    Not sure if I'm supposed to post my own stuff here, but this new section seems the most appropriate! This is my third and probably final boogie. This one's a mix of two 1920's piano styles: half ragtime and half boogie woogie. Feedback and suggestions welcome!
  • alexfroom77
    Sep 13

    Hi, I have been following one of your videos on YouTube for some months and been practicing. I have everything pretty much but my timing is really off and I can't get that 'boogie' timing that you have. I can play at the same speed but when I play it its all a bit of a jumble. Hard to explain without showing you but are there any exercises you recommend to improve time? Many thanks
  • Rick M
    Oct 5

    I've followed your Youtube video for hand independence and despite hours (50 hours) of practicing slowly, my brain just cannot seem to handle both hands working together with the ongoing bass in the left hand. Your Youtube video "Boogie Woogie Hand Independence - Master the Triplets! (no piano required)" helped me alot but I'm still having difficulties. Is there any other tricks I can try? Is it just a matter of continually plugging away at it until you get it? Have you ever heard of someone not being able to get it despite hundreds of hours of practice? Do you think some private lessons would help or do you recommend that I grind away until I get both hands figured out before taking lessons?