The Basics

New Orleans Piano: The Right Hand

Study the right hand methods of New Orleans's most influential piano players! Learn their licks, rolls and octave techniques.

Six Ways to Play "The Lick"

Learn six different ways to play that classic New Orleans piano lick... and how to use them!

Learn how Professor Longhair used Lick #1 in his own style.

Lick #1... Fess Style

No one used octaves like Professor Longhair. Learn how here!



Bugle Call


A "roll" on piano was used to imitate the sound of a snare drum roll. It's a classic technique!

The classic sound of the bugle call is a mainstay of New Orleans music.

Course Time:      Self-Paced

Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Prerequisites:     The Basics 




15-60 min / day

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This book is referenced throughout many of these courses. Click here to buy your copy as a PDF digital download. 

Arthur Migliazza


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