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Learn boogie woogie with an App!


There are several boogie woogie songs for beginning, intermediate and advanced students on Flowkey. The app makes it possible to view the sheetmusic, hands, and key names all at once. There are also features to learn hands separately, vary the playback speed, repeat sections, and test yourself. This app is really unique!

Simply follow this link to the app and then do a search for "boogie woogie", "arthur migliazza" or "eeco rijken rapp" and you will find the boogie songs.

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New Release!

Boogie Woogie Stomp

Preview some of the great stuff Flowkey has to offer!

Flowkey App overview

Eeco Rijken Rapp on Flowkey

Promo Video for Boogie Woogie on Flowkey

Promo Video for Boogie Woogie on Flowkey