How to Play Boogie Woogie Piano

Arthur Migliazza, Dave Rubin,  2015

This comprehensive instructional book takes students through a step-by-step process of learning both the basics and the more advanced techniques of the style so that they can eventually become their own teachers. Based on Arthur Migliazza's uniquely systematic method of instruction, and over 19 years of experience teaching students of all skill levels, this book covers everything from left-hand bass patterns, right-hand licks and essential chords, to turnarounds, intros, endings, and even a chapter on how to play by ear.


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How to Play New Orleans Piano

Arthur Migliazza, 2020

Much like How to Play Boogie Woogie Piano, this book takes students through a step-by-step process of learning both the basics and the more advanced techniques used by New Orleans Piano players. Bass lines, Two-Handed Rhythms, Licks and Octaves are among the topics discussed, as well as putting together an original song using the elements taught in the book.

Individual Sheets and Lessons

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Let's Boogie! 

Arthur Migliazza, 2020

This is the sheet music transcription to Part 4, Step 3 of Arthur Migliazza's video How to Play Boogie Woogie Piano - WikiHow.

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Six Ways to Play "The Lick"

Arthur Migliazza, 2020

Learn six ways to play the classic New Orleans piano lick and how to use them in the context of a song.

This download includes all of the sheet music and lesson notes. This lesson is INCLUDED in the textbook How to Play New Orleans Piano. If you have that book already, no need to purchase this lesson separately.

Digital Download​ (PDF)          $3.99

Tipitina Arr by Arthur Migliazza.jpg

Tipitina - The Definitive Piano Arrangement

Arthur Migliazza, 2020

This sheet music accompanies the video tutorial on How to Play Tipitina by Professor Longhair. Drawn from the best piano solo sections from five different Professor Longhair recordings of Tipitina, this IS the Definitive Piano Arrangement.

Digital Download​ (PDF)          $6.95 (Sheetmusic Plus)

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