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"The Lick"

Learn how to play the famous "piano lick" that every piano player needs to know.

Part I - Practice the parts

"The Lick", as many piano players in the blues and roots genres call it, is actually a combination of Lick #1, Lick #5 and Lick #4 - in that order. If you can think about it that way, it will help you remember it in terms of hand position in stead of notes. You will also be more likely to come up with your own unique method to play it.

If you have not learned these licks yet, please take time to do that first. Return to the Eight Essential Licks.

Part II - Put them together

How To Play Boogie Woogie Piano Textbook

The curriculum references page numbers in our text book. Purchase is recommended but not necessary to complete the course.



Course Time:     1-3 weeks


15-20 min / day

Skill Level:          All

Prerequisites:     Lick #1, 4, 5


Got the book? Click here.

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