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Oct 31, 2017

Arthur the Great.👏👏👏

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Apr 21


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  • rbaldwin122
    Apr 21

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable webcam/setup to record audio and video of playing the piano from above? I recently tried a Logitech c920 webcam on a windows laptop and while the video quality was good, the sound of my digital piano was muffled and distorted. There are a lot of suggestions on the web to improve the sound of this webcam, but none have proven to give a decent sound quality. I am beginning to think that this may not be the right application for this webcam. Has anyone else been successful in creating a good audio/video stream of their playing? If so, what equipment have you used to do this successfully. Any tips are welcome. Thanks
  • arthurmigliazza
    Aug 19

    This is a repost from another section, but I thought it would belong here... Fabio_Christian wrote: Hi, I'm in Brazil. First of all, excuse me for my English because this is not my native language. With a lot of focus I have achieved some independence in the hands satisfactorily, but still far from being master. I received Arthur's book recently, although I first met him on YouTube, learned some licks, and then bought the book. I have suffered more with the walking bass, I still transfer a lot of tension to the hands, but I have been working on it. I'd like an Arthur tip about how to handle the nervousness of playing in public. In my case, even playing piano for people close to me (friends), they all keep their eyes on my hands and I start to tense and soon my hands begin to stiffen and the nervousness takes care of me. How to stay calm and secure when you are the center of attention? It sounds funny, and it really is. But it is difficult to overcome this. :)
  • rbaldwin122
    Mar 12, 2018

    Thanks Arthur for a great place to talk about and learn this almost forgotten art form! And from a true modern master too! I'm curious about anyone out there using digital pianos to play Boogie Woogie when a real piano isn't available. Which digital pianos are folks using? What are you using to amplify? I have been a long time Roland user and have also been using Casio in the past few years to make the load in easier or when space is tight. I just thought I'd ask the question to see what other Boogie Woogie players as using as this music has some unique qualities that sound very different on different instruments. Thanks and looking forward to more posts and lessons!