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Hand and wrist ache
In Piano Technique
Jul 19, 2022
Hi Ye'all! I recently joined this site and have been working on Boogie Woogie for a few months now. I started to develop 'tennis' or 'Boogie Elbow' in the left elbow. It was a real bummer since it limited my ability and length of time I could practice. Then a doctor friend visited me (just social) and I commented on my elbow. She mentioned a professional violinist who played for decades without pain. Then they got new bow and the pain started. Turned out the bow was 1/2 on ounce heavier. They switched back to the old brand and the pain faded away. She noticed my position and felt the keyboard was too low and so was I. I have raised the keyboard and now use a swivel stool to adjust my height. The pain has all but gone. Also, as Authur mentioned, Boogie is a marathon. Since my original pain is fading I found I can practice longer and harder. Of course the result is a NEW pain as in 'no pain no gain' kind. As I rest and budget my practice time I'm finding I'm getting stronger and can play longer, faster and more complex licks. I'm really chuffed!! At 62 it's great as I haven't played seriously for years. As for the music getting ahead of you, I get it! It's like running down a hill and suddenly the gravity takes over and you're faster than your feet and you start stumbling and tripping over your 'fingers/feet'. The marathon side of Boogie is not just physical, it's so very mental too! I've learned that Boogie is a great brain trainer! It takes a while for your brain and hands to catch up to each other.
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